The Moti4 and Moti55 platform

Free,  without obligation  & for the whole of the Netherlands

In addition to the Moti trajectory that you can follow together with one of our Moti employees, we also offer a free platform. On this platform, your client or loved one can keep track of their use or gaming behavior and find out on which days they drink, smoke or play the most. 

The platform is completely free and can also be used without the guidance of one of our Moti employees. No personal information, such as address or date of birth, is requested, so the Moti platform is safe to use. 

The platform for young people
and the elderly

Via the intuitive dashboard, you can navigate to all parts of the platform, such as registering usage, determining goals and inviting Moti4 employees to view the profile together. 

the usage

Daily usage tracking

On the Moti platform, daily usage can easily be tracked.
Questions are asked about how much the person has been drinking, gaming or smoking, what time this started, how she felt, who they were with.

In this way, it is accurately recorded how much has been used and the person can decide for himself whether she thinks this is too much or good enough.

Track progress

If every day is accurately recorded how much the person has used, drunk or gamed, it is then possible to see in a handy overview on which day of the week, in which month or in which year the use peaks. 
Below this overview are some fun facts that show the progress and the user can decide for himself whether this can be improved. 

Setting personal goals

Personal goals can be set on the Moti4 Moti55 platform. These goals ensure that the free time can be filled in better and better and in addition, they are also just fun to do. 
If a challenge is achieved, the user earns a badge!

comes first! 

The data of your client, family member or loved one is
safe & secure and will not be
shared with anyone. 

You can immediately start using our platform. Free and for nothing!