The Moti4 program

Are you concerned about your child's gaming behavior? Do you have suspicions of cannabis use by one of your students?

Or are you a youth care professional looking for a way to discuss the alcohol use of one of your clients? Find out here what Moti4 can do for you! Moti4 is a preventive intervention for young people between the ages of 14 and 24 who are experimenting with stimulants in a risky way or who are starting to have problematic substance use or gaming. Preventive means that we want to prevent worse by offering individual information and coaching in a low-threshold manner.

Not all young people who drink alcohol, smoke weed or play games are or will become addicted. Not by a long shot! And luckily too. But the absence of addiction does not mean that substance use or certain gaming behavior cannot be problematic or risky. As an educator, supervisor or professional, you sometimes notice earlier when the young person's behavior threatens to go in the wrong direction. The young person may not yet experience any concerns or problems about his or her substance use / gaming behaviour. It is also possible that the young person is already worried, but the motivation to change seems to be lacking. Moti4 can be used especially when there is no clear request for help!

Moti4 is there for:

  • Young people between 14 and 24 years
  • Where there is risky experimentation with stimulants or the beginning of problematic substance use or gaming
  • Who are open to a number of objective conversations (+/- 4) with a prevention worker who is an expert in the field of stimulants and gaming
  • Young people with a mild intellectual disability can also make use of our offer. We have adjusted our program for this target group in level and duration.

Find out more about the content of Moti4!

The name Moti4 comes from the word Motivate. The 4 stands for the four core goals on which the young person will work together with the prevention worker. On the basis of these 4 core objectives, we hope to provide the young person with more insight and to help them along the way in their motivation to reduce or possibly stop excessive substance use or gaming.

The four core goals


Core target 00


Mapping usage

Determining which phase of use you they're in
next core goal

Moti4 in a nutshell

  • An average of 4 conversations with a prevention worker
  • The conversations take place at an accessible location nearby
  • Each interview lasts about an hour
  • The young person sets the goals, the young person sets the pace
  • We focus on exploration, knowledge, insight and reinforcement
  • Preferably, there is also a meeting with the educator(s)
  • The prevention worker provides feedback to the applicant
  • No referral required from a GP
  • After registration, an appointment will follow as soon as possible, no waiting times
  • No file creation or registration with the GGZ institution under which the prevention department falls
  • Moti4 is free

Moti4 is finished, now what?

After Moti4 has been completed, a plan is on the table that the young person has already started working on in the previous weeks. When one or more interviews with the educator(s) have also taken place, this provides additional reinforcement in achieving the set goals.

After a pre-agreed period, the prevention worker will contact you again for a follow-up. It is then jointly checked whether everything is still going according to plan (or perhaps even better). In the meantime, as an educator or applicant, you can of course always contact the prevention worker for consultation. This also applies to the young person. A phone call was made quickly, an app sent in no time. If this helps to maintain motivation or to discuss that one unexpected temptation, we are of course happy to do this!

What if things don't go well...

Sometimes it turns out that more is needed than the preventive coaching that Moti4 offers. It may be that the problems as such had not yet come to light seriously or that the motivation for actual assistance was still lacking. The moment the prevention worker, in consultation with the young person and the applicant/educator, concludes that more is needed, the prevention worker will provide a warm transfer towards further assistance.

Do you think Moti4 is the right step for your child or young person in your guidance?

Then see if you can discuss the 4 questions below with him or her. ask:

Are you concerned about the amount and frequency of your use or gaming behavior?

Do you notice that your substance use or gaming behavior has a negative influence on your school or work performance and relationships?

Are others (friends, family, colleagues or teachers) concerned about your substance use or gaming behaviour?

Have you used substances or played games in the past four weeks?

Wanneer één of meer vragen duidelijk met een JA worden beantwoord door de jongere dan kunnen jullie door met een aanmelding bij Moti4.

Moti individual prevention

The Moti4 and Moti55 programs are taught by the employees of the Prevention Department in your area. Together with the client, they look for the solution that suits them best. Moti4 and Moti55 is completely free and you do not need a note from your GP to participate. Anonymous, trusted and personal!

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