Moti 4 and Moti 55 offer a solution

Are you concerned about the user behavior of your loved one or client?

Find out here what Moti4 and Moti55 can do for you! Moti is a preventive intervention for young people between the ages of 14 and 24 and people over the age of 55 who make high-risk use of stimulants or who are starting to use substance problems. Preventive means that we want to prevent worse by offering individual information and coaching in a low-threshold manner.

Information for you as...

Teacher, family or loved ones of…, care provider (POH), youth care or youth worker

You want to discuss alcohol, cannabis use or gaming behaviour. You think that Moti4 or Moti55 is an appropriate intervention for your child, loved one or the young people/adult in your guidance. How do you handle this? Find out on this page how best to start a conversation with your loved one. 

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Moti decision tree

Does your client or loved one fit within the Moti programme?

The Moti belis tree is intended to enable you, as a professional referrer, prevention worker, family member or neighbor of... to make a quick and good decision about a client or neighbor (younger aged 14 to 24 or older 55+), whereby you have a gut feeling about problems with gaming, alcohol or other substances.

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Moti individual prevention

The Moti4 and Moti55 programs are taught by the employees of the Prevention Department in your area. Together with the client, they look for the solution that suits them best. Moti4 and Moti55 is completely free and you do not need a note from your GP to participate. Anonymous, trusted and personal!

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